We propose our clients a broad variety of services to assist them to promote their countries, companies and products, to build bridges between the countries and societies. We assist the client to act freely in Russia’s and the whole post-Soviet space environment, simplifying difficulties, overcoming obstacles created by artificially created obstacles, misunderstandings and sometimes mistrust.

Our main services include: PR, GR, consulting, strategic communication campaign preparation and realization, advertisement and promotion, marketing and perception studies researches and follow up analysis and recommendations, events organization and etc.


• media
• tourism
• politics
• business
• religion
• culture
• humanitarian field
• education
• science and research


All our work is based on scientific approach and in-depth analysis. Thus we are eager to provide our client with analytical papers/research papers on any topic our client demands.

Furhtermore, we start our projects with marketing research and perception studies, that are vital for our clients to satisfy their

desire to understand the environment and vital to build a proper Strategic Communication campaign with the strongest feedback.

Marketing research and perception study are the first steps to be done before building PR plan or strategic communication campaingn. They assist to target the proper audience, to chose the proper instruments and to reach the goals at maximum. Otherwise – money will be wasted.

Furthermore, marketing reseach and perception study are indispensable to monitor the results of the Campaings.


We provide broad variety of PR services, that includes traditional media relations and digital media relations. Our work is based on creativity, innovations, nontrivial approaches, usage of high technologies, modern instruments as well as on respect to traditions.

We make balance. Balance makes our work perfect.

Examples of PR services:

• organization of press-conferences from A to Z

• press-releases

• off-record meeting of the leading journalists with our Client’s representative

We provide our clients with diverse forms of GR (Government Relations) assistance, including organization of consultations between their representatives and representatives of the Russia’s government and assistance in launching informal direct communication.


Our ties with the government are based on strong personal contacts, as a major part of IMESClub’s team had been working inside the government on different levels. We are cooperating with the government on different issues.


Our GR assistance permits our Clients to work easily with the Governments, to deliver messages that cannot be delivered straight and vice versa, to recieve the messages that cannot be delivered directly. GR is needed for gaining support for any kind of the projects, to test the ground in indirect way.

We work in GR in two different ways:

• working officially representing the Client
• working on behalf of ourselves, serving utterly the interests of our Client

Each way depends on concrete goals and the concrete projects.


We work in tourism promotion, helping our clients to build the promotion strategy in a proper way and then we implement it, guaranteeing that each dollar goes in a right direction and all promotion is targeting the key audience, giving our client the strong feed-back.

We strongly believe that tourism plays a major role in building ties between the societies. It is important element in bilateral cooperation boost and trust

building between countries and societies.


We provide our client with high quality consulting services, based on research and analysis, significant experience and nice knowledge of the environment we work in.

Our consulting assistance concerns primarily the work with private Clients, business companies, which are eager to enter the concerned market.We

help them enter the Russia’s market in a proper way, we provide them with advice, assist with launching needed contacts and


Other services as cultural promotion, religious cooperations and others are in our competence as well.