IMESClub was founded in 2012. We are a group of 70 leading experts on the Middle East from Russia and abroad (Europe, Middle East and the US) strengthened by the team of highly qualified managers and specialists in PR, GR and advertisement. We assist the Arab countries, their governments and private companies to promote and realize projects of wide range in Russia and post-Soviet countries through the broad specter of instruments that are in our disposal.

Middle East for us is our work and passion. Our work stretches from political and scientific analysis of the region and bilateral ties to the GR&PR, consulting, cultural and educational projects realization and etc.

Our working languages are Arabic, English, French and Russian

To build bridges between Russia, post-Soviet space countries and the Middle Eastern states is our goal. We believe that fighting xenophobia and ruining myths, creating a proper media messages, changing perceptions and thus uniting the societies, bringing them closer, we all can achieve the new peak of mutually profitable cooperation on all the levels.

We provide high-level analysis of actual issues on the current agenda.