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Islamist radicals launch offensive.

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The world does not have time to take a breath between the reports about blasts and murders committed by terrorists. Recently the Arab world was shocked by the brutal massacre by the ISIS fighters of 20 Egyptian Copts who were performing contract in Libya. The cruelty of such act is appalling as well as the fact that having settled in Syria and Iraq the ISIS militants are expanding their area of operation and have opened a new front of actions in the North Africa.

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, famous for its unique historical monuments, rich of natural resources, primarily by the high-quality oil, Libya has fallen victim of NATO bombardments of 2011. The country is plundered, shattered, devastated, the provinces are terrorized by armed militia groups controlled by no authority. The Italian government has recently offered to deploy their troops in Libya to tackle the devastation and chaos, if there is a decision of the UN Security Council.

During the last months the ISIS leaders led by caliph Ibrahim have launched a vigorous activity on Sinai and then on the Northern coast of Africa, where they have created special units for Algeria and Libya. ISIS activists have assaulted Corinthia hotel in Tripoli and murdered an American and a Frenchman in January; in the eastern city of Derna they have executed several journalists; the ISIS units have even succeeded to capture “Mabruk” oil-field for a short term and attacked other fields near Sirte city.

The Libyan government in Tobruk, recognized by the majority of the world community, together with General Khalifa Haftar’s troops attempts to mobilize forces to counter ISIS fighters however with no tangible success for now. As far as the government in Tripoli created by the General National Congress is concerned it is accused of backslide by the ISIS extremists, though it is led by Islamists.

According to Al Arabiya website the ISIS units are actively recruiting new members in different tribes, they are even trying to engage Misrata militia and “Libyan Dawn” partisans.

The ISIS leaders believe that the atrocious villainy against the Egyptian Christians should not only intimidate Libyans themselves, but show the power of Islamists in Libya. In fact, this means a dramatic increase of extremist tendencies in the Middle East  and North Africa.

It is commonly known that the NATO bombardments have not only lead to the collapse of Libya but also to the separation of another state into two parts – Mali. Meanwhile another extremist organization – “Boko Haram” in Nigeria has intensified its activity after being able to retrieve a part of Libyan weaponry after the overthrow of Gaddafi regime and now it threatens not only its own country, but also the neighbor states, namely Chad and Cameroon.

The range of terrorist acts in Europe is a result of Western egoistic politics.

Certainly, these new centers of tension, devastation and desolation lead to the increase of the refuges influx from Africa. According to the official data only, about 300 thousand people attempted to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe, several thousand of them have drowned in 2014.

It becomes clear for objective observers that the endless sequences of terrorist acts, explosions, violence is a reaction to the Western policy that is only aimed at achieving their goals by any means without taking into consideration and more often damaging the interests of other peoples.

Enraptured by their power many of the Western leaders do not realize that by the rough actions towards many countries, by imposing by force their standards of behaviour, moral values, world-view, by humiliating other peoples, they inevitably draw the fire upon themselves, widen the area of terrorist activity for the extremists in their own countries. In January we witnessed an act in Paris, in February Denmark became a new subject of extremist attacks.

The focus of Western countries on the securing their own interests by any price is sometimes close to recklessness.  Having concentrated on the separation of Ukraine from Russia and on creation of a painful conflict on the European continent, the EU states seem to have forgotten about the fears of the previous wars, without realizing how dangerous and unpredictable the real threat from the Islamic extremism is.

It is possible to deal with it only by the collective effort, and primarily in close cooperation with Russia.

Previously published in Russian in "Nezavisimaya" newspaper.

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Veniamin Popov

Veniamin Popov is a director of "Civizations` Partnership Centre". Career diplomat, on diplomatic service since 1965. Worked at the Russian Embassies in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and South Yemen.