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How Mustapha Tlili views Tunisia and other countries of the region (video)

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Mustapha Tlili, novelist, Director of the UN information Center for 30 years and columnist for the New York Times carries an optimistic and confident outlook on Tunisia and its ability “to meet the challenges of democracy and modernity”.

However, he is more cautious about the development of the situation in other countries of the region (Syria and Lybia).  “We opened the Pandora's box”, says Mustapha Tlili.

Source: http://www.leaders.com.tn/article/17963-quel-regard-porte-mustapha-tlili-porte-sur-la-tunisie-et-les-pays-de-la-region

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Mustapha Tlili

Mustapha Tlili is a Senior Advisor to the High Representative for the Alliance of Civilisations of the United Nations.