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We present you one more paper in the framework of IMESClub-CDCD partnership. 

This policy paper implores the international community and major regional actors to insist on the consideration of the Gaza Strip within the current Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.  Additionally, this policy paper provides a recommended approach to negotiations, particularly examining political, economic, and security components of the current peace negotiations.  Further, a regional envelope must be simultaneously cultivated to support negotiations and achieve effective results. 

The Gaza Strip represents a significant portion of Palestinian land and population (1).  Currently, a dire humanitarian situation exists in Gaza, which will only become worse if the status quo continues.  Further, Hamas is positioned to undermine Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations and reject any agreement that may be reached.  Therefore, it would be a fatal flaw in the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations to disregard the importance of addressing the situation in the Gaza Strip. 

Part Two of this paper provides background on the current situation in the Gaza Strip, highlighting the need for immediate action.  Part Three explores political components of the current negotiations.  Part Four focuses on the Gaza Strip’s economic situation, examining plans for reconstruction and development.  Lastly, Part Five recommends security arrangements.  Regional support is referred to throughout each discussion, as regional participation is essential to a sustainable agreement. 

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In the IMESClub-CDCD partnership framework we present you a paper by Miles Mabray. 

"This proposal is the result of multiple discussions, conferences, workshops, and papers that have been conducted and written in the past few years of the peace process. The inspiration for this proposal came from discussions that took place over the course of three days (August 15–18) in a European capital among approximately fifty politicians, ex-politicians, and civil society actors from the United States, Europe, Israel, Palestine, and several Arab and other Muslim countries, regarding the possibility of creating a regional envelope to reinforce the initiative of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. This proposal explains and outlines the construction, implementation, and promotion of a regional envelope of support for the peace process."

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