Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Having her BA in Economics at Istanbul University (1973); MA in Economics at University of Iowa (1977); PhD in Economics at Istanbul University (1982), she became an assistant professor in 1982, an associate professor in 1986 and a full professor in 1992. She worked at Yildiz Technical University (1982-2003), Isik University (2003-2008) and Dogus University (2008-2010), where she served as the chairperson, the graduate dean and the dean. For the last 2 years she has been actively involved in the academic councils, activities and seminars of Turkish Asia Strategic Research Center (TASAM) and the Marmara Group Foundation.


Her main research and teaching interests are as follows: International Economics; Economic Development and Sustainable Development; International Political Economy; Regional Studies (Area Studies); Political Economy of Turkey and the Middle East; Economics of the Middle East; Energy Economics; Environmental Economics.

Dr. Sema Kalaycioglu was an IDE (Institute of Developing Economies) visiting scholar in Tokyo, Japan during the 1995-96 academic year, and a visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota in the summer of 1999. She collaborated with a group of researchers in the preparation of the Turkish National Program on the Sustainable Development for the WSSD 2002 in Johannesburg. She contributed a chapter for the European Union - FEMISE project on “Economic Cooperation in the Middle East” in collaboration with a group of researcher from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2005. She has authored numerous books and articles in international economics, regional cooperation, the economies of the Middle East in Turkish.


Some of her selected academic activities include her research at the University of Iowa( 1980-1981) and at the University of Minnesota(1989-1990), as visiting  scholar; As a lecturer at Arab Center for Unity(1993), Beirut, Lebanon; as a guest speaker at  Temimi Foundation(1993), Zaghouan,  Tunisia; as a  visiting researcher at the  Institute of Developing Economies(1995-1996 Fall Semester), Tokyo, Japan; As a guest speaker at Arab Thought Forum(1996), Amman, Jordan; the University of Rosario(1996), Argentina, Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, Italy(2000), University of Ludz(2003), Poland; University of Cairo(2005), Egypt and as a conference participant  at University of Leeds(2005), U.K.


Some of her most recent publications include book chapters on  “The Role of Business in Environmental Policy”(2007) with Feride, Gonel, in a book on Environmentalism in Turkey between Democracy and Development edited by Adaman Fikret and Murat Arsel, the Ashgate publishers.


Her recent presentations are as follows: “Economic Aspects of the Turkey-China Relations(November 8th, 2012), China-Turkey Strategic Cooperation, Opportunities and Challenges, Beijing, China; “Changes the Arab Uprisings Promise for the MENA and Turkey”( September 28-29, 2012), 7th Russian International Studies Association (RISA) Convention, , Moscow, Russia 

 “Possibilities and Consequences of the Merging of the Emerging Economies” (8-9 March, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); “Energy Sustainability for Inter-temporal Welfare Objectives:  A Perspective for Regional Cooperation” (14-18 September 2011, Ohri, Macedonia); “Can Turkey become a Regional Economic Power?”(March 2011, ISA annual meeting in Montreal, Canada); “Exploring Complementarities between Turkey and Armenia for Regional Cooperation: Potentials and Challenges” (January 07, The Economic and Social Consequences of Opening the Armenia-Turkey Border Conference, AIRG and Eurasia Foundation, Yerevan, Armenia) 

Her recent articles published are as follows: “Between a Mission and Business: Turkey’s New Approach to Africa” (2012, Journal of US- China Public Administration);  “Economic Losses Political Gains”(May 26, 2011) Turkey and the Arab revolutionary wave edition 15 volume 9 -; “Political Economy of Standing against a Stand-by: The Case of Turkey” with Dr. Ilke, Civelekoglu (2011), Transition Studies Review, Vol. 18, No.1; “The Future of The Gulf Investment in Turkey” (March 2009), Eurasiacritic, Monthly magazine  on Eurasian politics,; What Would Normalisation of Economic Relations Between Mashrek Countries, Turkey and Israel Imply?” (April 2007), Tovias, Alfred, Sema Kalaycioglu, and, World Economy , Vol. 30, Issue 4, pp. 665-684

Languages:Turkish (native), English (fluent), French (basic)