Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Occupation  :   Professor of International Law and International Relations

Organization : Faculty of Mass Communications– Cairo University

Member of Egyptian Council on Foreign Relations



Educational Qualifications:


1.Doctorate of Public international law ,Alexandria

University  , 2006 Subject of thesis;Intenational  Responsibility  of Committing Genocide.

2.International Diploma of Humanitarian Assistance ,Fordham University ,New York, U.S.A,2005.

3. Post Graduate Diploma, Crises Management,Ein Shams University,2003.

4.Post Graduate Diploma, Human Rights and Civil Society,Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo university, 2002.

5.Masters Public International Law,Cairo University, 1998. Subject of these; The Status of United Nations Peacekeeping Forces.

6.Advaced Diploma , English Language Instructor, San Antonio, Taxas, U.S.A,1994.

7.Diploma ,Law of Armed Conflicts , International Committee of Red Cross,1993.

8.Basic Diploma , English Language Instructor , San Antonio Taxas, U.S.A,1989

.9-License of Law, Zagazig University,1986.

10-Bachelor of Militry Sciences, Military Academy, Cairo, 1981.


Previous Academic Experience :


Teaching in English International Law and International Relations since 1994 in the following Institutions:

1-Cairo University, Faculty of Mass Comms.

2-Future University, Faculty of Economics and Political sciences.

3-Sinai University, Faculty of Mass Comms.

4-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5- Ministry of Defense.

6- Ministry of Interior.

7- Ministry of Local Development.





1-Status of UN peacekeeping Force, 1998.

2-International Responsibility  of Commtting Genocide, 2006.

3-Post-Conflict Justice Mechanism in Arab World since 1945.( English Version),2008.



International Occupation:


  1. Liaison Officer and English Translator for the Egyptian Peacekeeping Forces in Bosnia in 1997 – 1998.


Decorates and Medals:


1- NATO Medal of International Peacekeeping in 1998,

2- Italian Medal of  International Peacekeeping in 2000