IMESClub launches a new ACADEMIA project. Russian and international most talented young scientist and oriental studies students will become the main heroes of the project.  We will not only grant them opportunity to be heard in Russia and abroad, but we will also teach them how to correctly structure and express their thoughts and analysis in different languages.

We are gathering a team of young, strong and talented, those who are in love with Middle East and who are ready to devote their professional life to the most complicated and wonderful region of the world.

Format and the requirements for the publications:

Commentary on the current events (to be sent within one day after the commented event) – 4000-6000 characters (Russian) or 800 words (English).

Analytic article – 8000-10000 characters (Russian) or 1500-1800 words (English).

All the materials will be handpicked by the editorial commission.

IMESClub will also regularly organize seminars/webinars with the leading Russian scientists where our lucky participants will be able to learn how to write good articles, we will debrief our young authors on their work and even invite them to the conferences and lectures on the Middle Eastern issues.

We are looking forward to receiving your resumes and cover letters (with answers to the questions why have you chosen a career in Middle Eastern studies and why do you want to become a part of our young team). Our mailbox for these letters is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.